The Company Is Little Caesars

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The company that we as a group are consulting is Little Caesars. When looking to similar fast food restaurants, we can single out the In-N-Out burgers. This fast food company has the highest ratings among its competition, where the employees feel appreciate and rank their work place as a very good place to work. By comparing this two companies, we can see that the difference is that In-N- Out makes its employees be happy and love the place they work. When doing our research we found out number of tactics that this company is doing differently.Number one difference is that, the pay is the most high playing company among same food chain.It also offers access to group healthcare, vision and dental for even part-time employees. In-N-Out…show more content…
Next is reassign the poor performer to a position of less responsibility or to one requiring less technical knowledge or interpersonal skills. Lastly release when non of the four approaches are working the employee have to be fired. The second part of the first approach is motivation. After resolving the issue with ability it is time to motivate the employee. There are four types of motivation that the manager can take; however, in this situation with Little Caesars the best opinion will be integrating approach. Integrating approach focuses equally on performance and satisfaction. The second approach is to have clear goals. As in the we can see in the problem identification , people working in Little Caesars do not know the goal and values of the company. First Little Caesars have to set goal settings. First it has to be specific, when the goal is specific it is measurable, unambiguous, and behavioral. When the specific goal is determined, it reduce misunderstanding about what behaviors will be rewarded. Second approach is having consistent goals. When there are too many different goals employees sense that they are logically impossible to accomplish. That is why they get stock and underperformance. Next we have appropriately challenging , which means that goals have to have some challenges in it so in some ways it could be challenging to perform. This kind of goals are much easier to achieve than the goals that are very durable. Lastly we have feedback. We as a team
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