Hagh's Executive Summary

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The resulting image construction management plan to achieve the fantastic friendship selected to meet the Haigh 's Company met. The revelation will continue to reciprocate the knowledge back and forth strategies to move into the global goals. The pastry shop is located close to all major players and the level of valuable ability. Haigh 's steep produce admirable state and chocolate and are known as literally few suppliers. Therefore, the actions of these brands are provided for chocolate from the same basic level. You must understand the importance and power of differentiation in question the quality of annual production and perception of reputation for the whole loyalty also plays a role in the market. (Smith, 2013)
Introduction (You need to define the purpose of this report and what you are hoping to achieve. Discuss briefly only the key information that you think is relevant for your report about the client. This can be a brief overview or background about the client/brand.)
Ken (2010) shows that Haigh 's Chocolate is considered the fourth generation, of which cocoa beans are stacked high, then poured into the German machine so that it can be used in times of celebration and many other occasions. As for the marketing strategy Haigh 's is considered, then one can say that if the company approaches close to sales of $ 50 million of the world and the jobs of more than 400 people who own and operate the functions in it will become the 14th Shops with her work, but when he was
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