`` The Company Of Wolves ' And ' Dracula '

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Society has set rules in place that are constricting of new ideas and behaviours. If history has taught us anything, it is that we as a society need to be more open minded, specifically with sexuality. It is 2015 and we are aware that woman’s sexuality is a very real thing that should be celebrated, ‘The company of Wolves’ shows us that we haven’t always embraced woman’s sexuality with open arms. Throughout history people who were homosexual were often thought of at sinners, rebellious or even possibly having a mental illness. ‘Dracula’ has undertones of homosexuality but does it ever so slightly that society didn’t know what to make of it. Dracula is a rich, established vampire who might be gay, this thought is allowing people to get used to the idea that homosexuality doesn’t make you evil. ‘The Company of Wolves’ and ‘Dracula are both stories that deal with repressing sexuality, pushing the boundaries of society’s “normality” and embracing new generations and ideas. The characters Dracula and the Wolf both represent anxieties about sexuality, i.e homosexuality and woman’s sexuality, and at one point being unheard of or unspoken about by society. ‘The Company of Wolves’ is a twisted and raw reinvention of ‘Little Red Ridding Hood’ while symbolizing female sexuality and embracing it. The wolves in the story have been described by the author as skin and bones, “so little flesh on them that you could count the starveling ribs”. Their food source has been taken away by

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