The Company Team : Future Apps

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Ramadan Gannud PM 577 Final Exam 1.0 Name of your company team. The name of our company team is Future Apps. 1.1 Total amount of investment funds requested from venture capitalists. We requested $ 1 Million to perform the first stage of our portfolio. 1.2 Total amount of funds received from VCs. In fact, we did not receive anything on the table. We did negotiate with some VCs but no one took a step and funded the project. 1.3 Total percentage of equity now in VC hands. Since we did not make any deal with any of the VCs, we did not share any equity so far. We were actually willing to concede up to 20% in equity stake of our company. 2.0 Describe in your own words, what things your team did to make your company attractive to the VCs. Our team has accomplished a pretty good job in setting up plans and well-organized portfolio to attract the VCs. We worked together to make this company and its business plans as good as it looks right now. We have added some valuable projects and ranked them based on some evaluations that we have made so the portfolio can be clear and organized. We used what we have studied in this class in order to give the VCs the best professional form of a business plan can a thriving company come up with. We also divided the projects of our portfolio in three main stages including a specified timeframe and some other related details for each stage. 2.1 Describe in your own words what things your team took to convince VCs that your
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