The Company Whole Foods Market

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For my individual assignment, I chose the company Whole Foods Market (WFM) which deals in selling products that are organic and fresh to its customers. WFM was founded by John Mackey and Renee Lawson Hardy, owners of Safer Way Natural Foods, and Craig Weller and Mark Skiles, owners of Clarksville Natural Grocery in Austin, Texas where the original store opened in 1980 and consisted of a staff of only 19 people. WFM was founded because those four local businesspeople decided the natural foods industry was ready for a supermarket format and at that time there were less than half a dozen natural food supermarkets in the United States ( For the rest of this paper, I will be going more in depth about the company’s history and background, why I chose this company, the organization’s environment, mission, culture, and if the company will change or needs to change.
As I mentioned WFM was originally created by four people who felt that it was a good time to introduce a store that was all about natural foods. The first WFM opened on September 20, 1980 and consisted of 10,500 square feet and a minimal staff. Less than a year later there was one of the worst floods in Austin since 70 years ago at that time which caused the store’s inventory to be whipped out and a mass amount of the equipment was damaged. There was $400,000 worth of damage and WTF has no insurance on the store. Customers and neighbors volunteered
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