The Company Yang : Direxion Daily Fste China

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During the investment period from January to March, I have built a portfolio in the hopes to bring a good return on investments. These investments contain a diversified portfolio of large and medium domestic cap stocks, mutual funds, and bonds. There were different strategies and expectations for all the different investments involved in the portfolio.
One of the first trades made was for the company YANG: Direxion Daily FSTE China Bear. While the U.S. market was struggling this foreign stock was performing quite strongly at the time of purchase. When this investment was purchased the economic factors that were taken into consideration was that they will still perform strong while the rest of the market was struggling. The expected results were to have this investment to gradually grow and keep a sturdy portfolio while the U.S. market was struggling to find its footing. Unfortunately, we held on to this company too long. YANG had a nice growth, which was yielding a nice return on investment; however it started to lose its power and was heading in the wrong direction. As we bought the investment for 164$ a share we should have sold it when the stock reach its high point at 175$, as we were hoping the stock would continue on this high rise it did not and caused us to sell at 133$ per share before any more damage was completed.
The second stock that I decided on purchasing was in Goodyear (GT). The decision to make this purchase was due to a number of reasons, including…
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