The Company 's Attrition Rate Essay

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III. Staffing Strategy The company’s attrition rate is steadily rising. Even with the higher attrition rate, the marketing and sales teams continue to push sales in an expanding market. Due to higher demand, the output needs to be heavily increased. All of these factors have lead Motors and More Inc. to look into what their exact hiring needs are across the organization. Motors and More Inc. does not currently have a HR department to assist with any of the hiring requirements, including planning, recruiting. Having a recruiting team that can build a relationship with the technical school and community college in the area will help draw qualified talent. It will also help to diversify the employee pool, by reaching out to a growing population of Kurdish and Hispanic in the area. The department will also help in the aid of having a career succession plan in place when attrition occurs for each level of employee from entry level up through senior management. Core Competencies “Research suggests that some individuals may be 20 times more productive than others. Clearly, any CEO would welcome as many of these individuals into an organization as could be mass produced. Matching individual competencies with job competency models puts individuals in positions where they can contribute most” (Rothwell 2011). Since, Motors and More, Inc. is in need of increasing their output by 96%, this would be greatly beneficial for the company. Core competencies help a company become
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