The Company 's New President And Ceo

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Tom Davison, the company 's new president and CEO, recognized that although the prototype had served its basic purposes--proving the concept was technically viable and that surgeons were eager to use such an instrument for minimally invasive surgery--the prototype design was too costly for a commercially successful product in an era of managed care and other initiatives aimed at controlling health care costs. Because of limited cash and external resources and the need to enter the market as soon as possible with a viable product, Endius outsourced product development to Product Genesis, a product design consultancy. Now, Davison has to establish a target cost to ensure that the final product will achieve the market acceptance necessary to not only provide needed cash flow but also to build Endius 's reputation and customer base for follow-on products.

Strengths Weaknesses
Better Understanding of Customers needs

Device can be used as multipurpose: Endoscopy and Bone drafting

Easy Modification in design possible

Usage of more prototypes before final product.

Management Team

Design review available after every phase Medical devices is expensive

Timing was a big issues to manage with new hire

Staff was not involved completely in product

Pricing was competitive

R & D
Opportunities Threats
Range of Expertise

International Expansion

Innovation of new products

New technologies

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