The Company's Financial Status And Trends

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Introduction A client required assistance concluding whether a company is the right company to invest in or not. How does one determine this? First, researching the company’s financial status and trends provides vital information about how well a company is doing compared to the industry, gives important ratios, and determines if growth is in the future. Next, exploring the company’s competition and industry tells how the company compares or contrasts with them. After looking at the competition and industry, then combining all research gathered, one unravels the future of the company. In addition, the analysis interprets the company’s value to appraise the company’s current stock price. Lastly, the analysis recommends a conclusion to…show more content…
Retail, International, and Convenience Stores and Foodservice (GIS Profile, n.d.). Many of its products include cereals, yogurts, convenience meals and ethnic meals, frozen foods, snacks, baking mixes and ingredients, toys, clothing, and more (General Mills: History, n.d., and GIS Profile, n.d.). Financial Analysis General Mills maintains steady growth by improving established products and creating new products that meet consumer needs and preferences. The fundamental business goal, generating returns for their stockholders over the long-term, achieved by delivering annual growth in net sales, total segment operating profits, and diluted EPS (Annual and Other Reports, n.d.). For over 100 years, General Mills pays dividends and repurchases shares, which yield substantial amounts of cash to stockholders. Much of the company’s net cash furnished through operations enables them to partially fund an acquisition instead of relying fully on debt (Annual and Other Reports, n.d.). The increase in sales supplied from broadening food categories and the creation of new products, acquisitions, and moving into new markets. Some key measures, inspected through computing ratios and explained next, are important to understand. Each year General Mills steadily climbs, whether it is through sales, assets, operating profit, or dividends paid. Most information gathered comes from the main financial statements:
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