Essay on The Comparative Strength Of Rome

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Rome, considered by most the greatest empire of the ancient world, stretched from modern day England to Palestine and was more successful than all previous Empires. Rome's government, military, economic and civic structures were all superior to those of their predecessors. The Sumerians were the first people to build civilization and attempt empire in the western world. Like Rome, they had a governmental structure, conducted military operations to expand and ensure trade, and build a lasting civic structure. The Sumerians, however, were not as effective as the Romans in most respects. Rome had a strong central government; the Emperor was absolute ruler.…show more content…
While Sumerian cities were each dedicated to a different god, the Roman Imperial Cult unified Romans while not oppressing most religions of the conquered. The Lands once controlled by Sumeria were eventually ruled by Rome. The Egyptians were not far behind the Sumerians in settling down to civilization and Empire. Like Rome they had a strong central government, a military structure, trade, a state religion and a civic structure. Rome was, however, superior to Egypt as well. Governmentally, the Pharaoh was an absolute ruler, as the Roman Emperor, but the Roman system was not reliant on a bloodline as was the Egyptian system, and was hence more likely to remain stable for long periods of time. The heir being intellectually picked and groomed greatly reducing the problems associated with hereditary rule. Militarily, Egypt was often strong enough to fight off invasion, but although they did project power, they did not conquer lands to expand their empire. Rome expanded their lands and grew more powerful, where the Egyptians seemed content with Egypt. Rome's policy of expansion helped fuel their trade routes and economy, boosting them past Egypt's limiting boarders. Egypt had a good infrastructure, largely an agrarian system of roads and irrigation, but it was nothing in comparison to the
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