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LaStacia Bradley Instructor McBride English 1023 June 29th, 2012 The Comparison and Contrast of Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath The two poems, “And One for My Dame” by Anne Sexton and “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath, both explore similar themes through the use of literary elements such as structure, tone and symbolism. Structures in each poem are alike with length but differ with the actual form. The tone Plath conveys is negative one while Sexton’s is more neutral. The symbolism in “Daddy” was also negative with symbols of the devil but Sexton used a nursery rhyme as a symbol. The connotations of these elements reflect the image the daughters had of their fathers but also the relationships. These poems also both deal with the theme of…show more content…
The tone associated with suicide and bad communication is not positive because these are not happy things and consequently, with Plath mentioning these, the poem takes on a dark tone which reflects her relationship with her father. On the other hand, Sexton creates a tone that is much lighter by using words that have neutral or positive connotations. Her choice of diction does not hint either way whether her relationship with her father was good or bad, it seems to stay neutral which reflects her objective tone throughout the poem. She begins to introduce him as “a born salesman” in line 1 and “a born talker” in line 4, which at most, infers that he was a charismatic person (1,4). Sexton goes on to list everything he was in line 15 stating he was “a peddler, a hawker, a merchant and an Indian Chief” (15). By these descriptions her father does not appear to be out of the ordinary. He was just a traveler, committed to his work and not much else. The way she describes him also seems to be observational so possibly her relationship with him was distanced and unattached. Therefore, the tone echoes the theme that the relationship she had with her father because their relationship was disconnected and that was the emotion provoked as she remembered him. In addition to structure and tone, the authors both use symbolism to connect to the theme. In “Daddy”, Plath once again mirrors her feelings and relationship with her father by the use of negative symbols such

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