The Comparison of Pamela Andrews and Moll Flanders

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The comparison of characters: Pamela Andrews and Moll Flanders by Miroslava Novysedláková Two beautiful girls. Maybe at first glance we would say that there is certainly nothing what these woman have in common, of course, except their outstanding beauty. But there is more than one could expect. Firstly, both are being seduced by their masters, but each of them copes with it quite differently. Pamela Andrews is enormously addicted to maintenance of her virtue. Her virginity is her „Jewel“ according to advices of her parents, strong devoted Christians. This „Jewel“ characterises her actions and becomes the „obstacle“ of fullfillment of erotic imagination of her master Mr. B. Pamela would rather die than to have a sex without being…show more content…
Moll Flanders is flattered in a similar way, by the notions of her masters, two brothers of her ladies, but she has no mantinels like christian education to hold her vanity in reasonable measure. She, practically, devotes her beauty to her purpose how to live better life with rich husband, better said, husbands. It becomes her ticket to luxury and richness. In Pamela´s case there is not only her beauty, but especially her virtue and prudence that provides her better life conditions. Moll passionately wants to be married with a rich man, Pamela wants to be admired for her strong mind and prudence, virtue, however, it may be only just a impression. However this virtous girl is in love with Mr. B and maybe, if Mr B. doesn´t transform his behaviour towards her and lets her go, she would probably gives up. What does expect her in her life? Poverty and her devoted parents, but is this enough for such a beautiful young girl of sixteen? Maybe she wasn´t completely sincere when she was writing those letters. She comes back when Mr. B gets ill. Why? She is in love and her desire for this man can´t be smaller than his. But she repressed everything which is not righteous acording her parents, the Bible, the Christianity... So as to beauty, Pamela wants to be beautiful not only on the outside but the virtue represents and underlines what she understands as a real prettiness. Moll Flanders look at her attractive appearance as a

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