The Competitive Advantage Of Human Resources Essay

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1. INTRODUCE In the fact of the intensely transitional business in the globe today, one of the challenges faced by the managers to maintain the competitive advantage is human resources. In others words, the globalisation, technology, and the economic integration of developed as well as emerging markets raise particular convenience and problems relating to human resources. To be more specific, on the one hand, the practice that the work force, the most valuable asset of any organisations (Cascio, Wayne F, 1991; Flamholtz, Eric, 1991), nowadays seem to be increasingly educated helps the employers make their best recruitment and guarantee the “sustainable cogwheel” (Glen Hashmi, Z., and Katrin Muff, 2014). However, in others hand, the well-informed and multinational human resources relating to the employees’ differing needs and expectations, compensation treatment, working environment, or corporate culture are also critical issues that required to be under control. This essay aims to define and analyse respectively three current and potential substantial challenges that HR managers cope with in meeting the miscellaneous requirements of the contemporary workforce including (key words) strategic partners, administrative experts, and employee champion. 2. STRATEGIC PARTNER Firstly, the strategic role of HR practitioners is defined as the professionals who are accountable for implementing a large range of organizational activities and allocating the appropriate human
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