The Competitive Advantage of Microsoft and Its Hr

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1) What is Microsoft’s competitive advantage? How is supported/constrained by human resource management?

Microsoft Corporation is one of the largest and most influential companies in the personal computer industry. It has won several awards for innovation, for their commitment to diversity, and for their flexible work arrangements. It has always been a leader in the market with regard to its compensation. With 80,0004 employees across the world, having more than $15 billion revenue, it is one of the biggest and best‐known technology companies in the world.
It’s successful because of their workplace environment, empowerment of employee ideas, and their employee benefits. These elements are the result of the strategy that the Microsoft is
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Microsoft counted too in development through personal mentoring. That means that just hired persons had the responsibility to learn from their colleagues. That is the reason why coaching and mentoring take part of Microsoft values.
There were also situation when Gates in person organized meeting where employees presented the presentations and all together discussed about the argument. This way the kind of challenge for them, to see their preparation, which contributed to acquire more knowledge.

About the motivation employee and reward system

In order to support the motivation of the employees is important to understand what motivates each of them. Most of people hired are motivated also by the environment that Microsoft gives. To understand such needs is charged HR department, which will try to support the employees to develop them self and also to progress (that’s the part of work culture).
Motivation can be described as giving to employees all they need (such appropriate environment, where work), in return for achievement of companies goals. The employees have to give their best, and Microsoft will give them all resources they need (plan benefits, resources, food).

The Microsoft retains people very important resource and this is reflected also in its reward system. In the system we find link between individual performance and reword , with semi-annual performance reviews (evaluation by

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