The Competitive Imperative of Learning by Amy C. Edmondson

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The Article ‘The Competitive Imperative of Learning’ by Amy C. Edmondson concerns an approach to the execution of a company, in which learning is central. This approach, called execution-as-learning, is regarding the evaluation of the company’s activities, and subsequently finding methods to improve on its failures, as it will provide success in the long term. This is significant, because a perfect execution of company’s activities does not assure lasting success, and especially not in the knowledge economy. Since the knowledge economy is constantly changing, companies should adapt their approaches in regard to the execution to the economy by learning and innovating, so that they will not fall behind. Execution-as-learning is the counterpart of the execution-as-efficiency approach, which does not focus on improving the execution, but being as successful as possible. However, this approach does not assure success in the long run. The execution-as-learning approach consists of four steps, which makes learning a key factor in companies.

Many of today’s management structures are focused on executing the company’s activities as efficiently as possible. This approach was an outstanding choice in the twentieth century, as most organizations were focused on mass production. In those structures, employees were easily supervised through monitoring and measuring, which led to the use of incentives, called the pleasure principle. However, this principle established fear amongst
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