The Competitive Market Player Of The Aviation Industry

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Today in the ever changing and volatile industry that is aviation every action taken has a significant impact on not only your business but also the competition and stakeholders. With any competitive market player in the aviation industry every decision made is a critical one, and behind any decision will be a strategy. These decisions and strategies implemented will put the airline, airport or manufacturer into one of 4 key strategic positions. The business will either be; the leader, usually the biggest with the most funds. The challenger who’s trying to become the next leader. The follower, who as the name implies follows the leader and challenger in focusing on a market share. And Finally the Niche who has a very specific, yet profitable market often avoided by the big players. All of these strategic positions work in their own right and have advantages and disadvantages to them, hence why an airlines strategy may change many times over the lifetime of the carrier. The First and arguably the position every carrier wants to be in is that of the leader. The Leader is the big dog. With the most funds, resources and in most instances the most reputable brand. ‘This gives the leader the most flexibility in crafting strategy (Brian, 2011). And with flexibility comes power, they can make changes with a much smaller risk than if they were in any of the other three market positions. The leader’s main competitive advantage however is ‘the ability to determine the nature and
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