The Complementary Therapy Of Herbal Medicine

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The complementary therapy that will be discussed is that of herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is usually inclusive of but not restricted to the use of plants and herbs as a means to treat ailments and illnesses. “Herbalism, the therapeutic use of herbs, is the original system of medicine from which modern pharmacological products have been developed” (Mantle, 2001). This practice has been around since early civilizations, so there is a tendency for people to always revert back to proven methods of treatment. Herbalism included the concoction of herbs that could be combined with various elements in order to treat sicknesses that were untreatable at the time.
Therefore, this paper will serve to highlight the herbal medicines that are complementary in the use and treatment of mood disorders in today’s society. There are a lot of herbs that can be used for medicinal and complementary therapeutic services, however only a few will be mentioned and highlighted in this paper. Herbalism is preferentially used as a complementary method and used in conjunction with proven techniques that work, such as medication and behavior therapy.

Recently there has been an influx of people who have decided to return to the roots of natural healing for the maintenance and treatment of diseases. A survey conducted in 1998 saw that “32% of the men and women surveyed, reported some use of an alternative therapy to treat a condition for which they were currently see a physician”
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