The Complete Persepolis By Marjane Satrapi Essay

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The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi The Veil The reader is introduced to Marjane at 10 in Iran, 1980. She goes to school and wears a veil, just like everyone else. The women in Iran don’t want to wear a veil The new regime in Iran made it mandatory for women to wear a veil. They also segregated the schools between girls and boys Marjane says she wants to be a prophet The school thinks it’s weird that she wants to be a prophet, so they call her parents Even though she wants to be a prophet, she tells her parents she wants to be a doctor The Bicycle The regime burned down a movie theater with a bunch of people in it Marjane wants to participate in the protest that’s being organized against the police, but her parents won’t let her go That night, she talks to God, but he doesn’t respond. The Water Cell Marjane’s parents go to protest demonstrations against the king everyday Marjane has trouble understanding this because her textbook says that God chose the king Her dad tells her how the king actually came to power: the British put him there to try and take control of Iran’s oil The ruler that was kicked out was her grandfather, who was a prince Her grandfather briefly served as prime minister, but he opposed the new regime and was sent to prison Prison was terrible. One night, he was in a water filled cell for hours That night, Marjane stayed in the bath for a long time to try and understand what her grandfather went through Persepolis Marjane’s grandmother comes
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