The Complete Persepolis By Marjane Satrapi

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This pepper identifies and analyses some of the highlights found in the culture narrative of a visual comic memoir titled “The Complete Persepolis” by Marjane Satrapi, and a culture storyline, “Code White” by Debra Anderson. Starting with “The Complete Persepolis” the book is about Satrapi’s experience as she transitions from a young woman into adulthood in Rasht, Iran and Vienna, Australia during and after the Islamic and culture revolution between the periods of 1979-1995. The first published in France, in French language in 2000, and English version 2003 in New York. As for “Code White” it’s a fiction cultural narrative about a Queer woman Alex who finds herself in a mental health hospital in Toronto, Canada. Analyzing these books, and the, concepts such as ideological practices, stereotypes, and feminism, as well as terms of ability, ablebodiness and feminist power gives insight about ways in which systems of oppression related to race, class, gender, ability, feminist sexuality are culturally re-enforced within a society. But also through feminist these cultural ideologies can be deconstructed with the goal to gain economic and class equality among all people. This essay focus in Marjane Satrapi and ways she resists to the culture narratives of the veil in relation to gender class and sexuality. The second part pays a closer attention to the Code White and the representation of the character of Alex and her tactics to resist to mental illness, and stereotypes attached
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