The Complex Codes Of The United States Essay

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While Americanah is considered a novel by most literary assessment standards, I would suggest that it is perhaps a unique reference manual, a commentary on the complex codes and various ways that we have developed when talking about race in the United States. These complex codes, as presented by Adiche, is the notion that will propel the following road map for this essay. I will begin by examining Ifemelu’s initial landing and introduction to the United States, followed by a sense of depression which ensued post her various life disappointments. Then we will take a peek at a few racial identifiers, not originally known to Ifemelu, that exist to categorize people in the US, with a slight focus on the role that hair plays in Americanah. Finally, we will examine the ways that Ifemelu is compelled to voice her unique perspective via blogging and her compulsion to spread her insights to the world. Ultimately, it will be my mission to analyze Americanah, and the unique insights it gives us in regards to race through an outsider’s perspective, to conclude that it is a crucial text for better understanding race in America. Ultimately supporting our guiding question that Americanah is an essential text for an African-American studies class. For the sake of length and effectiveness, I will omit the themes of romantic love and other various major perspectives found within the book, such as Obinze’s, and just focus on Ifemelu’s experiences with race. Let us begin by examining why an
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