The Complex Issue of Climate Change

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Habitats and the species that rely on them are disappearing, in what I view as a ‘snowball effect’ of biodiversity loss. A reduction in a species habitat will have dire consequences for them as well as other species that co-exist with them, over time every aspect of that environment is affected. In the Artic, sea ice is melting at a faster then it has in centuries. According to an article published by Aarhus University "Climate change is by far the worst threat to Arctic biodiversity. Temperatures are expected to increase more in the Arctic compared to the global average, resulting in severe disruptions to Arctic biodiversity some of which are already visible” (Aarhus University, 2013). Among the many species being affected, the polar bear population has already experienced serious decline because of its reliance on sea ice. Polar bears rely on the sea ice to hunt, breed, and, in some cases, den. Changes in their population and distribution are starting to become noticeable within the Arctic ecosystem. There are social, environmental and economic effects associated with the negative effects climate change has on the polar bear population. Because of these dire consequences related to climate change, swift action must be taken in order to help protect this species and its environment. Polar bears have an extensive history in human culture, starting very early in history and…

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