The Complex Methods Of Speech Development In Children

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Speech There is a myriad of ways in which to help with the speech development in children, such as nursery rhyming i.e. row row row your boat. This is generally a group activity where adults sit on the child on the floor and they sing the song whilst performing the rowing actions, and the favourite seems to be wheels on the bus. There is also incy winsy spider using their hands whilst singing the rhyme. There are shopping trolley games where there is a shopping list and different cards with food products and their names on and children will need to memorize the pictures as well as saying the name on the card. This is a cerebral game that expands their speech development.

Language The ability to use complex methods of communication is paramount to the development of language. Some of the ways in which it can be accomplished are by using books and stories that are appropriate to their level of development. You can use board books, pop-up book, story books, audio books, also encyclopaedias, they can also discuss their interests with other children and take part in role play such as happy families. These are all ways of developing language.
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These children may learn sigh language, they may also communicate as many children do with gestures and body language. They may also learn through technology i.e. CDs, interactive whiteboards and tablets and children without this problem will also communicate
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