The Complex Relationship Between Body And Mind

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The complex relationship between body and mind is a delicate one, for both systems work together by providing sustenance for one another. The brain is responsible for sending messages to the body by deciding what the body needs and dictating how the body should act upon these said needs. On the other hand, the body is held accountable to provide the brain with adequate energy in order for the brain to perform basic cognitive functions. For example, when one consumes breakfast, the body uses the process of metabolism to transform kilocalories into useable energy. This useable energy, in the form of glucose, is transported to neurons through the blood in order for these brain cells to accomplish their daily cell activities (Gomez-Pinilla, 2012). The activities of these neurons have an immense effect on brain function, including: memory, emotions, and attention/focus. These systems rely heavily on one another and their accuracy and effectivity impact particular eating habits and behaviors that may be detrimental to one’s overall health, especially mental health. The brain decides when one is hungry and what one should eat based on the ideals of pleasure, desire, and discipline - so, does the body have as much control as once presumed? The stability of cognitive processes directs the development of habits formed by the learned balance between reward and restriction, but these same processes are reliant on the awareness and control the mind has over the body. In order to
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