The Complexity Of Functional Images

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With the cognitive of maturity in artistic fields, visual culture has become a mainstream form of contemporary culture. People’s reading range has gradually expanded from text reading into visual image interpretation. Narrative illustration is an integral part of the image and text. The different between story and other visual form is it using a unique system of visual expression to building the structure of information and telling stories. The multiplicity of narrativity is the most essential characteristics. The visual rhythm is the reappearing of continuity element in whole story. Sequential images in narrative illustration always playing a significant role to explain story structure and express the emotion in various styles, but the…show more content…
Moreover, different characters as the principal part in the story to brining the aesthetics and ploy-sensuality to the audience. The visual rhythm bring reader into an immersive atmospheres by following the story structure in serial image. It’s exoteric, diversified, also figurative and motorial. There are three main way to build a narrative illustration: the integrality tone deign in whole story, the specific expression of theme and space composition and the setting of symbolistic metaphor. All of these considerations can be seen to work within Todorov’s theory in the case of illustrate narrative.
Reading a narrative illustration, the tone in the image always leading the audience into a world of diversified visual enjoyment by following the story structure. The color visual language as a complementary strategy to the other visual language, which is creating the story into a vivid multifaceted space. The case of color synesthesia as a strong visual impaction within psychology, also combining the unprecedented emotional felling with the perception of colors. Edwin Boring (1945) said every representation of retinal phenomenon are involves on psychological felling. Because of the physical synesthesia, the color had the fells of cold, warm, sad and happy etc. During the process of reading, the audience no matter are adult or children, they will naturally adjustment the association when they aimed at the changing color in the frame. It is produced the inner
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