The Complexity Within The Foodservice Industry Essay

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The complexity within the foodservice industry can often seems boundless. The literature presents multiple evolving theories and systems, within various areas of foodservice, which attempt to quantify its operation {Arendt, 2010 #10;Assaf, 2009 #2;Bono, 2004 #49;Breen, 2004 #20;Cater, 2004 #13;Cross, 2009 #131;Dimmock, 2003 #27;Duncan, 2011 #51;Dycus, 2007 #53;Griffin, 2001 #12;Johnson, 2000 #8;Malik, 2010 #47;Ogbeide, 2011 #17;Payne-Palacio, 2012 #45;Puckett, 2005 #1;Reynolds, 1998 #135;Spears, 1995 #52}. Concepts have been developed which range from models for contextualising the transformation of raw materials and labour into finished products, too theories of effective leadership and management of employees towards common goals. This review will shed light on a number of these prominent models and theories through the evaluation of a snapshot of foodservice, management, leadership and productivity literature. This literature is immense, multifaceted, and continually evolving. Due to these facts this review is somewhat limited by the breadth of content which can be covered. It is important to note that the concepts held within this review are not a complete summary of the topic area but a selection of poignant features, selected for relevance and ease of application to foodservice.
1.1 Definitions
In this section, definitions have been provided for four fundamental elements of foodservice management, namely foodservice, management, leadership and foodservice manager.

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