The Complexity of Artificial Intelligence

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A multi-agent system is a computerized system composed of multiple interacting intelligent agents within an dynamic environment. Agents are intelligent computer programs that act autonomously on behalf of their users, across open and distributed environments, to solve a complex problems. Such system helps in solving the problem that are beyond the individual capacities or

knowledge of each agent or problem solver[1].

Autonomous vehicles are no longer in the realm of science fiction, thanks to the artificial

intelligence and integration of numerous automotive technologies that have matured over

many years[2]. Autonomous vehicles could save lives, reduce traffic, reduce accidents,

and help the environment by reducing fuel demands and pollution. One such example

is Military Drones. Technologies such as adaptive cruise control, forward collision warn- ing, lane departure warning, and V2V/V2I communications are being merged into one

complex system.

When designing systems that are complex, dynamic and stochastic in nature, simulation

is generally recognized as one of the best design support technologies, and a valuable

aid in the strategic and tactical decision making process. Such simulation can very well

be useful where the effects of implementation of a…
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