The Complicated Politics Of Gender Identity

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Queerness in Macbeth: The Complicated Politics of Gender Identity
Saswata Kusari and Prof. Mahua Bhattacharjee
Abstract: The thematic concern of appearance and reality is dealt with at various levels in Macbeth. This paper is an exploration of how the conventional ideas of gender and sexuality are subverted in this play. The paper would also seek to explore how the paradigmatic shift in the conventional gender identity creates a sense of queerness. Our attempt is to interrogate the play from an alternative perspective to bring out the ‘non-meaning’ that is contained within the play. While doing so, we would also try and raise questions regarding the ways in which bodies generally function; and, whether such minute subtleties lead to an alternative platform where the ideas of gender and sexuality can be explored in a larger context.
Keyword: heterosexuality, homosocial, homoerotic, masculinity, patriarchy, queer.
The theme of appearance and reality is much discussed in Macbeth. Various critics have tended to look at the text from diverse perspectives. One of the most difficult plays to perform, Macbeth remains the centre of interest for both the students and the scholars. From the very first scene of the play, it becomes apparent that the play would deal with the problematic area of appearance and reality; as confirmed by the statements made by the witches: ‘Fair is foul and foul is fair.’ According to Coleridge, this statement made by the witches strikes the…
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