The Components Of A Good Teacher

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There are many components to grammar and there are many components to being a good teacher. There is no established way of teaching grammar at any level. All students, both children and adults learn grammar in different ways. Grammar is taught in such a wide variety it can make building upon past grammar knowledge difficult. There are many things teachers can do so that students are able to acquire language proficiency much more easily. Being a good grammar teacher involves patience, empathy, and respect for one’s students. A classroom is a learning environment and should be open to change in order to maximize learning and resources. I am a student and want to become a teacher, transcending the boundary between the two has helped me become a smarter student and more thoughtful teacher.
Writing and speaking skills at the University of Missouri - Kansas City (UMKC) are a very important aspect of the TESOL program. When I first came to the university to study, they wanted to help students learn vocabulary. Vocabulary was the most important part to learn at the time because I was able to better communicate what I needed help with to my professors and classmates. It was the first part of becoming a student. This was not an uncommon way for grammar to be taught as a foreign language.
As I was able to progress, I began to understand that vocabulary was not enough and grammar was very important to students and professors. Grammar within the context of speaking and writing was…

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