The Components Of Music ( An Educational Essay About What Makes Up Music )

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Components of Music
(An educational essay about what makes up music) There are many different essential parts or components of music. Music is more than just notes on a page or any common song one may hear on the radio. Music is very complex and there are various components of it that makes it what it is. Music is an essential part of a countless number of people’s lives in the world today. Music serves as therapy, relaxation, a focus component and many other things that rectify the wrongs in the live’s of people all over the world. Nobody can say that they had not had a musical experience. One may say that the unfortunate that are deaf have not had musical experiences. In reality deaf people feel the vibrations of music everyday and it gives them sensations that they cannot feel anywhere else. Evelyn Glennie is an amazing percussionist and she is deaf. She is one of the most musical percussionists today. She takes off her shoes and feels the vibrations of the music and tries to convey to the world how to really listen. Friedrich Nietzsche knew all of this as he quoted in his book Twilight of the Idols that “without music, life would be a mistake” (Nietzsche 33). Knowing all of this, one could see that there are many components of music. In Stanley Sadie’s Music Guide he portrays three important components of music: the elements of music, the instruments of music, and the structure of music. Stanley Sadie writes deeply about the elements of music in his text. Stanley Sadie…

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