The Components Of Purchase Intention

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2.6 Purchase Intention

As the extension of E-WOM four framework model under the of response, even though there are a lot of indicators for in response sector but in this research the author want to focus on purchase intention.

Purchase Intention reflects the behavior before customers buy a product [16]. According to tricomponent attitude model, behavior consists of 3 main components: cognitive, affective, and conative [16]:
• Cognitive Component: knowledge and perceptions received, caused by combinations of direct experiences with objects, attitudes, and information from different sources [16].
• Affective Component: customer’s emotion or feeling about certain product or trademark is affection component from behavior [16].
• Conation Component: will expression to purchase [16].
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Intention to buy may be referred as a reflection of real purchase behavior [41]. The greater the purchase intention is, the greater a consumer’s desire to buy a product or service, it occurs when the consumers perceive product preference in the stage between making purchase evaluation and the actual purchase behavior [41]. Purchase intention is stimulated by external factors of decision-making, personal characteristics, consumer previous experience and customers’ preferences by experience [41].

In E-WOM, consumers are likely to assess source credibility over argument quality because credible reviewers form positive attitudes toward purchase intention [21]. Likewise, influence from friends and relatives create pressure by forming subjective norms that motivate consumers’ intention [21].

In this research purchase intention is the dependent variable and its variable is Variable Y.

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