The Components Of Service Marketing

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ASSIGNMENT TOPIC: MOTAT- MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT AND TECHNOLOGY SUBJECT-SERVICE MARKETING TRIMESTER-1 STUDENTS NAMES-RANJITHA PRAKASH, HARMEET NARANG, SHUBHAM GARG, ASHIMA MAHAJAN, TUTOR-PAUL ROSE CONTENTS: • INTRODUCTION • COMPONENTS OF SERVICE MARKETING • SERVICE MARKETING ENVIRONMENT • INTER-RELATIONSHIP OF THE SERVICES MARKETING MIX ELEMENTS • PRODUCE AND CO-ORDINATE STRATEGIES FOR THE ORGANISATION TO MAINTAIN CURRENT SERVICE MARKET INTRODUCTION MOTAT is a Museum of Transport and Technology. MOTAT has a large collection of civilian and military aircrafts and land transport vehicles. MOTAT was established in 1960 by a combination of groups including the Old Time Transport Preservation League, which was formed in 1957 and preserved trams and railway locomotives. Then it was formally opened in 1964. MOTAT is located in Western Springs, Auckland, New Zealand. • MOTAT-1 is located in Great North Road • MOTAT-2 is located in Motions road/Meola road MOTAT has a collection of:- Aircrafts, Railway Locomotives, Railway carriages, Trams, Petrol/Diesel buses, Trolley buses and so on. Tram Services are one of the MOTAT services which is different from other museums. Trams are operated daily between MOTAT, alongside the Western Springs Park and precinct, past Auckland Zoo to MOTAT-2 and connect both museum sites. COMPONENTS OF SERVICE MARKETING The components of Service Marketing are the 7ps:- • PRODUCT • PRICING • PLACE • PROMOTION • PEOPLE
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