The Components Of The Communication Process

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Abstract Communication is extremely important to the success of an organization. The communication process identifies ways to exchange information, plans, ideas and reports. In a business place communication is how employees receive tasks and job expectations through management. This research study outlines the components of the communication process. The findings in this context will also explain the different types of communication. Verbal, written, nonverbal and visual communication is examined to get a detailed understanding of the communication process. Businesses use communication to introduce polices, events, regulations, orientation, job descriptions and many other important assets to running an organization smoothly. A misuse of the communication process can potentially cause a lack of productivity, confusion within the employees and also a bad reputation for the manager and the business. This research paper is an examination of how communication process is used in business. In society today, communication is substantial for the preparation of success in any organization. Keywords: business, sender, receiver, message, organization, management, communication. Communication Process Communication generally starts from incubation and once incorporated it is used to dispense a message to a source. Effective communication skills are beneficial to the daily operations of a business. Communication can be utilized as a tool to influence how someone
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