The Components Of The Criminal Justice System

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What is the purpose and explain the components of the criminal justice system? The purpose of the criminal justice system is to deliver a fair justice system for the public, by punishing all who doesn’t follow the rules or commit a crime, while protecting the innocent. There are three components to the criminal justice system theses are: law enforcement, Corrections and Courts. When a person has committed a crime they go throughout these three components. First is the law enforcement; law enforcement officers are the people who record and go to the scene of the crime in an area, they investigate the crime scene and gather the information. The officer can arrest any offenders but they will have to give a testimony in court. Second is the Courts: In the courts that’s where offenders may be sentenced or put on parole or probation. The court is ran by the judge to oversee and to make sure that law and order is followed. They also determines the offender’s faith wither him/she shall release or keep an offender before trial. The judge also gives all offenders their sentence. In the courts there are also the defense attorneys defends the accused offender against the state, they are either hired by the defendant of appointed from the state by law. Last is Corrections: these are officers who supervise all offenders while they are in jail, prison, in the community or on probation, parole. Correction officers are there to make sure the facilities that hold offenders are secure and
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