The Components Of Verbal And Nonverbal Communication

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Communication in Criminal Justice Settings Amber Spencer 06/13/2016 Lance Spivey Communication in Criminal Justice Settings The components of both verbal and nonverbal communication The most important key components for a successful communication is to present the vocabulary or words that has communicating idea or ideas from one stand point to another. With communication you need a positive speech with a meaning, the gestures of your body and visual communication. We have to also think about certain things as well, as such communication doesn’t just mean words, but the pitch that can be use and how it is presented. Strengths include exact steps as to what is trying to be communicated by the use of language. There are other strengths that have the ability to tell others exactly what is needed and how something is used. The differences between nonverbal communication and verbal are simple. Verbal we are speaking with expressions and the pitch of our tone. With verbal you are very much using action and being visual but when it comes to non-verbal it’s almost the person has to read your mind by the picture you have to paint. (So make sure you know how to draw). I like to think of nonverbal as “Sign Language”, because basically that what you are doing. How the components of both verbal and nonverbal communication are applied in various criminal justice settings The key components to communication is transfer or forward feedback and messages. When it come to the
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