The Components Of Welding Process

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Today, many fabrication industry using a various types of welding process in which arc welding process is very common and widely used welding process. As we are fabricated or manufactured a product with the help of the arc welding, there is a some problem occur during the process and as a result, different types of defects are occurred in the products which reduce the reliability of the products and also reduce the strength of the product or products parts. So it is necessary to avoid the defects from the product and improve the overall quality of the products. Our projects also provides solutions to arc welding defect and advises towards prevention of arc welding defect to improve overall product quality, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.
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Chapter 1 : Introduction
1.1 Problem Summary and Introduction:
The manufacture of virtually all sophisticated modern product involves joining together many individual components. Where a permanent join is required, welding is often a good option than other possible processes such as brazing, soldering, and use of adhesive will are considered in design module.
Welding processes can be split into two broad categories:
In this process the surface of the two components to be joined are cleaned, placed close together and heated while being protected from oxidation. The pool of molten metal forms and concentrates the components, a filler rod may be used to add metal to the joint.
Solid phase processes
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