The Components of Art Therapy

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According to Dryden et al. (1992), the concept of art therapy is essentially based in the image and the progression of this method permits the occurrence of a transaction between three critical components of this model. Respectively these components are known as the creator or patient, the artifact, and the therapist. The aims of art therapy align with other processes of therapy whereby; the therapist engages his/her expertise to allow the patient’s unconscious feelings to travel to a conscious state. Once the unconscious emotions of the creator attain a conscious level, the application of art therapy principles allows the therapist to assess these emotions, feelings, attitudes and behaviors accordingly (Dryden et al. 1992). In order to…show more content…
Consequently, traditional implementations of art-based mediums in addressing the emotional burden of trauma, depression, anxiety and stress have also focused on developing art as a medium to treat the patients. This also permits the patients to recollect, recreate and incorporate traumatic incidents to recuperate from the disorders that share a relationship with psychological disorders (Spiegel et al. 2006). Spiegel et al. (2006) claim that in accordance with the applications of art therapy in case of trauma, clinicians and therapists have developed specific programs in accordance. These programs aim to treat the adverse psychological impacts of trauma that is caused by war, domestic violence, sexual abuse and homicide. C. Experience The scope of the research that aims to discuss art therapy as a detector, intervention and treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder is an extensive area of study. It has the ability to impact the lives of millions of individuals who suffer from severe depression and anxiety as a consequence of a single traumatic incident or series of traumatic events. I believe that by applying the principles of art therapy to address the suffering of PTSD patients, the onset of this disorder can be detected at an earlier stage. This has been demonstrated by the

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