The Components of Fitness

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FITNESS COMPONENTS TASK 1: Create a table with two columns and include the following information: i) List all ten components of fitness. Mark these as either health-related or skill-related fitness components. Component of Fitness Fitness Type Muscular strength Health Muscular power Health Flexibility Health Muscular endurance Health Stamina or aerobic capacity Health Speed or anaerobic capacity Skill Agility Skill Balance Health Coordination Health Body composition Skill TASK 2: Select two sports you are interested in. i) identify the components of fitness required to play these sports effectively (minimum of three) e.g. weightlifting – muscular strength, muscular power, flexibility ii) Describe why each of these fitness components are needed to perform in this sport successfully. Sport 1: Football Stamina - Stamina is required as players need to run for 20 minute quarters, with very little rest in between. Balance - Balance is needed as players are required to be able to pick up the ball and tackle other players without slipping over. Coordination - Coordination is required as players need to handball and kick accurately, whilst still be moving. Sport 2: Cricket Coordination - Coordination is required as players need to be able to move their feet and hit the ball at the same time, and they need to bowl the ball whilst moving at high speeds. Speed - Pace bowlers need to be able to run in really fast to increase the speed of their bowls, and
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