The Comprehensive School Counseling Program

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The Comprehensive School Counseling Program Notebook which follows the ASCA National Model third edition was created in School Counseling Programs. This notebook is divided into four components as directed by the comprehensive school counseling program: foundation, delivery, management, and accountability. The Foundation section includes my core beliefs, my vision, my mission, rationale, description, and goals of the program at Mountain Home Junior School. Delivery, Management, and Accountability (AR 1.2). The Delivery System is comprised of the school guidance curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services, and system support. The delivery component also involves direct and indirect counseling services (AR1.2). The Management System consists of management agreements, advisory council information, use of data, action plans, use of time, and calendars.
We learned the importance and how to manage our counseling program using data collection, assessments and reporting tools (AR1.2). Finally, the Accountability System includes results reports, impact over time, and performance standards. Data analysis, program results, and evaluation and improvement are all a focus for this component. This component helps the counselors justify programs of change to assistance student achievement. The ASCA National Model School supports the counselor in the implementation of the comprehensive program. . Integrating Standard into Practice
Standard 1 – possess the…
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