The Compromise Of 1850 After The United States

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The Compromise of 1850 was a desperate attempt to keep the southern states from seceding from the United States of America. While the goal was to keep the south from seceding, the new laws actually created more tension than it solved. Since the division in America over slave ownership had been holding a delicate balance with the states on both sides, the North and the South. When California petitioned to join the Union in 1849 as a free state, that delicate balance tipped and the conflict once again erupted. The Compromise consisted of 5 laws, admitting California as a free state, creating Utah and New Mexico territories with the question of slavery in each is determined by popular sovereignty, settling a Texas-New Mexico boundary dispute in the former’s favor, ending the slave trade in Washington D.C. and making it easier for southerners to recover fugitive slaves (History).
Henry Clay, a senator from Kentucky, introduced this as a clustered bill, which was turned down after his death. Then Senator Stephen A. Douglas decided to split the cluster into five individual bills that way each one would have a deciding vote, navigated it through Congress (Rodriguez). Therefore California became part of the United States as a result of the Mexican-American War. Many people started to flood into California from all over the world due to the news of the Gold Rush. However, James K. Polk tried to have Congress establish some territory in California, as the debates increased, it

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