The Compromise Of The Civil War

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Without Compromise The issue with compromise is that it must give each party the sense they have won something or at least not suffer a total loss. Why then, did the Compromises of 1820 and 1850 not prevent the Civil War? Because neither set of laws directly addressed the right to own slaves. A country cannot have two sets of laws for two different regions. As we have seen with segregation and gay rights, deferring to states’ laws only works to delay addressing the issue at hand. While no one can say the Civil War was solely caused by the divisive issue of slavery, it is safe to say the North and South were polarized. The Civil War had to happen to force the country to stop compromising and declare a winner and a single set of rules to live by. In the beginning of the 19th century ,The United States was already equally divided between free states and slave holding states. The Compromise of 1820 was passed by Congress merely to keep The Union in equilibrium, not to resolve the issue of slavery. The 1820 Compromise created a line at 36’ 30’ latitude line that would determine a boundary for the Northern free and Southern slave holding states. This effectively permitted Missouri into The Union as a slave holding state and created Maine, from northern Massachusetts, as free state. Bringing the count of free and slave holding states to an even 24. As balance was struck it only stalled the issue and in 1854 the Kansas Nebraska Act, which asked the State to determine their stance
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