The Compromises Between The Large And Small States And

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The compromises between the large and small states and between the North and South.

The compromise between the large and small states was decided in order to resolve difficult

problems of representation. An idea was conceived by the grand committee (1 delegate for each

state) headed by Franklin as chairman that to tackle each states representation problem. Each state

should represent the lower house base on population. The key factor of representation would be

based on the population of each state and not on its land size. The bigger population would benefit

in making decisions, especially if these decisions affect them. Slaves would have three-fifth of a

vote compared to a free person both in representation and taxation.
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The national government would have the authority and power to tax,

regulate commerce, to control the currency and to pass laws necessary in order to function

effectively. Gone were the stipulation in the Articles where states had the power, jurisdiction and

right not to express delegated to the United Sates in Congress assembled. States were still

recognized by the government and were also given important powers in their hands in order to

function well.

A system of checks and balances between the legislative and judicial and executive.

During this transition there was an issue that was troubling most Americans, and this was

the problem of concentrated authority. They were worried that once power in concentrated to the

government the government might abuse it, and inflict tyranny among its citizens. This idea was a

major obstacle to creating and nationalized government. Drawing from ideas of French

Philosopher Baron de Montesquieu, it was believed to avoid tyranny the government should be

kept close to the people, and confined relatively to a small area. Which on the first years it was

brought up that if individual states remain sovereign a strong national government would be


James Madison however had a different idea and view on how to tackle this situation. The

idea was on centers of “power checking on each other” and preventing any authority and power

concentrated to one area of the government.
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