The Computer And The Computers

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Jaciya Wade
Professor Kruse
Senior Project
16 March 2016

The computer is one of the most used electronics in everyday life. The internet and the computer connects one place to another, Japan to Alaska, Canada to South America and so on. What is never thought of is the programs that go into the websites that are used on a regular basis, Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Without them there would be a complete disconnect between every continent, country, and city. No outside information would cycle in or out and trade of any kind, be it information or the discovery of more resources, would be reduced to a snail’s pace. The same could be said for the information that doctors that work in laboratories and architects that build homes use, without the different computer programs and the internet, the services they provide would basically become non-existent. Computer programs are very important to prevent loss of life, such as the programs used in hospitals for life support or programs used to determine whether or not there is electricity going through a downed powerline. For example, at Ameren there is a program that is ranked as a class 1 system which means that if field employees didn’t have access this program it could lead to loss of life (Boyd). Becoming a computer programmer has many benefits such as compensation, job satisfaction, and telecommuting, but every job has cons some of which are the current job outlook, health hazards and general computer security.

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