The Computer And The Creation Of The World Wide Web

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Ch 9: Agree: “The computer and the creation of the World Wide Web have transformed the world” (p.166). Rationale: I totally agree with this statement and I believe that the creation of computer and World Wide Web has completely transformed the healthcare system. Now instead of personally visiting the doctor for little things you can simply e-mail and request prescriptions online. For an example, when e-mailing the doctors did not exist, I would waste my time and pay co-payments for non-urgent things. Couple of weeks ago, I woke up with a rash on my eye and I simply took a picture and described my symptoms to the doctor. Within 24 hours my doctor replied back and prescribed me antibiotics, which I also ordered online without wasting my time…show more content…
I try hard by not making mistakes. I do believe that our mistakes teach us lifelong lessons. A simple medication error can teach us to do our fight rights over and over and be careful in the future, but if I’m not making the med errors does that means I’m not trying hard or learning any lesson? In other words, I feel that by making or not making mistakes does not prove that we are not trying hard enough. Our motivation, determination and willpower determines if we are trying hard or not. The concept I like is that “Change cannot be viewed as the enemy—instead, it is the source of both personal growth and organizational salvation” (p.166). Personally, I hate change, but it takes time to get used to the change. Living in today’s technological world change has occurred in the healthcare system and will continue to occur. The biggest change that occurred at my work was Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR). Actually, I liked this change because it made everything easy for the nurses and doctors. With EHR, the healthcare providers have access to critical patient information from multiple providers, literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing for better coordinated care. The only people who hated this change at my workplace was the old nurses and they view this change as their enemy and view this change as both personal growth and organizational redemption. Ch 10: Agree: “There are continuing crises in public
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