The Computer Fraud And Abuse Act

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completely dead (Lee, 2013). The Morris worm exploits two major vulnerabilities: a flaw in the debug mode of UNIX sendmail program and a flaw in the fingered network service. The worm was designed to go to every computer to check if it’s affected, and duplicate itself automatically. The self-duplication expedited loads of systems and finally crashed them, and of course, this feature would also alarm system administrators. Robert Morris got arrested 1989, and became the first person to be indicted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. However this punishment didn’t hurt his career too much, he is now tenure in MIT since 2006 (Lee, 2013). The Master of Deception The Master of Deception (MOD) is the first hacking gang in hacking history,…show more content…
It uses the flaws in Windows computers to break into a computer and links other affected or unaffected computers together into a huge botnet (“Conficker”, 2015). The botnet can be controlled remotely by the author(s)’ of the worm. Conficker worm infected 9 million to 15 million Windows computers in over 200 countries in the world including government, military, business, and home computers. So far the author of this worm is still unknown (“Conficker”, 2015). The MafiaBoy Mafiabioy is a nickname of a 15-year-old Canadian boy Michael Calce. Calce executed the first major DDoS attack and hacked into the most popular websites at that time (Ries, 2010). Calce first launched a worm called “Project Rivolta” and brought down the website of Yahoo, which was the largest search engine back then. After he successfully hacked Yahoo, he continued starting DDoS attacks to some of the largest commercial websites like CNN, Amazon, Dell, and eBay (Ries, 2010). Calce also tried to hack several name servers but failed. Calce got arrested at home and stayed in jail for three years. He is almost the youngest cracker who successfully broke into major websites and systems (“MafiaBoy”, 2015). WelChia We have been talking about malicious hackers all the
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