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1.Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is defined as the different services such as service, storage and applications are deliver to organization devices and computers through internet. There are mainly three types of clouds they are private public and hybrid and three services are offered by the cloud mainly Software as a service in which user rent access to software application functionally over the internet eg:ltu student mails .,
Platform as a service: in which user develop their own applications in cloud and the provider managing the OS, Storage ,Hardware and networking. eg., Google app engine .,
Infrastructure as a service in which users runs their own systems include OS on a cloud provider infrastructure. Eg.,Amazon web service etc.,
By using cloud employees can access devices and files from anywhere in the world at anytime through internet so that it increases the productivity and increases the efficiency.
In startup companies or growing companies the business increases they have to worry about the storage if they are using their own data centers they have to buy additional hardware 's ,external hard drives , and take care of maintenance and software updates so if they turned into cloud they can upgrade their storage at low prices and everything is taken care by the cloud provider and we can use less power when compared to running our own data centers and the amount of energy is less and the employees can try different programs and can select the best software that

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