The Computing Innovation And Computational Artifact

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2a. Provide information on your computing innovation and computational artifact.
Name the computing innovation that is represented by your computational artifact.
Describe the computing innovation’s intended purpose and function.
Describe how your computational artifact illustrates, represents or explains the computing innovation’s intended purpose, its function or its effect. (Approximately 100 words)
The computing innovation that is being represented by my artifact is Email. Email is when you mail someone a message electronically from your computer to their computer. Before the innovation of Email, people needed to write a letter and add the address and stamp. Then put the letter into their mailbox and wait for the postal service to pick it up. Once the postal service picked up the letter and sorted out where it is going to go, it gets delivered to the recipient 's mailbox and they can then pick it up and read it. Now, that email has been invented, you can send the letter through email, which is a lot faster and less time consuming.

2b. Describe your development process, explicitly identifying the computing tools and techniques you used to create your artifact. Your description must be detailed enough so that a person unfamiliar with those tools and techniques will understand your process.
(Approximately 100 words) To make the artifact i used Canva, which lets me make graphic designs. I used a blank custom sized graphic to start. Next, I

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