The, Concealed Gun And Concealed Guns On Campus

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The term “concealed gun” refers to any deadly gun that is carried on or about a person. Allowing students and faculty on college campuses to carry loaded, concealed guns could lead to an elevation in crime, increase the potential for unintentional injury, permit a fast-acting dangerous person easier access to a weapon, and ultimately disregards beneficence. Being allowed to carry concealed guns on campus will not only put students and faculty in danger, but everyone who happens to be on the college grounds. Background Info The carrying of dangerous weapons and concealed handguns will continue to be an ethical dilemma and topic open to discussion in the United States. The addition of the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights created the…show more content…
In 1939 during the case of United States v. Miller, the Supreme Court ruling supported preservation of a “well regulated militia.” The United States Supreme Court held and proved in this scenario, that the Second Amendment does not guarantee individual rights or “protect the possession of such an instrument” (Oyez, n.d.) in all situations. Gun control has long been a controversial topic in the United States. In 1791 the Second Amendment was ratified in the Constitution (Shallope, 1982). Since its ratification, the amendment has been interpreted two different ways depending on the acceptance or opposition to the issue (Shallope, 1982). Those opposing lax gun laws interpret the Second Amendment as only applying to the prohibition of the federal government interfering with state militia; it does not apply to individual citizens (Shallope, 1982). Laws concerning individual citizens rights to purchase, own, and carry a gun vary from state to state. Even though license requirements still differ across states, as of the year 2013, when Illinois became the last state to permit the carrying of a concealed handgun in public, the act of concealed carry is now legal in all 50 states (ProCon, 2017). In particular, laws concerning the possession of guns on college campuses fluctuate from state to state and even throughout individual institutions (LaPoint, 2010). Currently, 18 states have issued
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