The Concentration Camp During World War II

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Have you ever experienced a bad event in history? Can you imagine being treated as if you were worthless? Back then during World War II, people suffered because of who they were as a person. Not only were they treated horribly in the physical state, but in their metal state as well. To begin with, in Auschwitz the Nazi’s were known as the rulers of Germany. Adolf Hitler joined the group when it first started, and became the leader in the year of 1933. Hitler is known for capturing and torturing innocent people because of who they were and what they believed in. In this concentration camp, Hitler held these innocent people as prisoners. However, most people believe Jews were the only prisoners held in Auschwitz, but that is not true.…show more content…
Once the prisoners got to the camp, they had to give them all their clothing and all personal belongings such as an ID. They also had to shave every hair on their body. Once they did that, they no longer had a name, they had a number “Auschwitz”. The Nazi’s gave very little back to the prisoners as they did so much for them. For example, the prisoners slept on straw mattresses while they were there. Two to three prisoners would sleep together on these mattresses. There were also only 22 urinals and toilets to use “Clothing”. At the camp, they would either give them tea or coffee to drink and soup for lunch. For dinner, they would only give them a certain amount of bread with tea or coffee too. This is why some prisoners died from starvation “Clothing”. Furthermore, although the prisoners didn’t receive much, they weren’t able to complain. Prisoners would often work for 12-14 hours in factories, haul bags back and forth, carry stones, or carry dead bodies. To make it worse, the prisoners had to work in a fast pace or else something would happen to them. In other words, Nazis would force the Jews to work and while doing so, they would beat them. During working hours, they had minimal time to get up, eat lunch and march back for dinner “Clothing”. If the prisoners didn’t do what the Nazi’s ordered, they were punished. In
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