The Concentration Camps During The World War II

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The concentration camps started in 1933 when President Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor in the twentieth century. The first concentration camp was named Dachau, just outside of Munich, while Hitler was chancellor of Germany and overpowered Germany. Dachau was built in March 1933. It was established by the National Socialists also known as the Nazi government. This camp held about 5,000 prisoners. There were about 20,000 camps. In the end of the war, only twenty-two main camps and thousands of smaller camps remained around Germany and many other countries that Hitler controlled.
One of the countries that had camps was Germany, and that country had many of them. Other countries would be Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Austria and France. There was the Czech Republic and Netherlands also. It was one way for the Nazis to have control of Jews, communists, socialists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals. It was also a place to keep the Jews and the asocial. In the same year there was a boycott of Jewish owned shops; boycott is the refusal to buy anything. Concentration camps are part of the Holocaust where they got rid of Jews, Gypsies, or anybody that was a threat to Hitler. The guards or Germans worked Jews hard in concentration camps. A concentration camp is like a large prison where Germans were told to treat people very badly. Most died from malnutrition, illnesses, and even being beat too hard. Nazis were the reason why the Holocaust was terrible, they killed and tortured most…
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