The Concentration Of Glucose And Concentration On The X Axis

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A standard curve was set up with the use of glucose standards prepared in the first part of the experiment with the absorbance readings plotted on the Y axis and concentration on the X axis. This standard curve can then be used to help plot and find unknown concentrations for the patient and control samples, it also allows us to determine the equation of the line (y) and the correlation coefficient (R2) which were 2.2447x and 0.9984 respectively (Figure 1.).

To determine the concentration of glucose in the blood plasma samples, the equation of the line provided from the standard curve (Figure 1) is used to divide against the absorbance that has been blank adjusted. The dilution factor also has to be taken into account at this step, refer to the calculation in Calculation 1 and is times against the previous number.

The blood glucose concentrations obtained during this practical were fairly close to the expected (Table 3). The only results that were different was Patient 2’s 60-minute sample, these results may have come from a technical error such as, pipetting on our part. Looking back at the first duplicate absorbance levels for patient 2’s 60 minute sample there is a slight variance in the values, clearly indicating pipetting is at fault (Table 2).

From this practical we were able to use the glucose oxidase method to measure the glucose in two blood plasma samples collected from two patients who had both family history of diabetes mellitus as well as signs
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